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Pivot to your next level.

I help experienced service providers

confidently plan their pivot without compromising their coins and credibilityLet's take this thing

6-figures and beyond, fam.

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Got that gut feeling?
You know, the one that says, "time for a change."

Your gut has been annoying you... constantly saying it's time to pivot that business of yours—but here's the thing, you have no clue what that really means, where you should start and you're not willing to compromise all the hard work you've put in these past 3+ years.

But if I can keep it all the way real, if you want to accomplish a successful pivot, you're going to have to move a bit differently, fam. It's going to take a plan that shows you how all the pieces of business come together—that's:

Business Planning Finance Branding

Marketing  Implementation  Measurement

And I am the business coach that can guide you step-by-step.


Planning yields greater freedom and security.

Your business doesn't work unless you do.

If you're not looking at the numbers you're missing out.

All the pieces of a business plan should work together.

I'm Britney Jeanine.
Your Business Coach + Pivot Strategist.

And I've pivoted a time (or 5) myself. But get this... it wasn't until I put a "Pivot Plan" in place that I was able to confidently achieve 6-figures in my business, and begin the process of financially projecting to hit 7-figures.

See, I've been the wedding planner turned photographer turned web & graphic designer—until one day I hit a brick wall... a wall so solid that it knocked me off my feet, and had me questioning what I truly wanted out of business & life.

And honestly, I was about to quit business altogether.

But then I decided to blow the dust off of my business degrees, tap into my experience & expertise, and plan my way to excellence... a process I now teach in 8 [practical and simplified] steps.

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Am I speaking your language?
I can guess that you're here because...

You feel like you've outgrown your current business model.

You're ready for your years of experience and your revenue to directly correlate.

You want to build a plan and pivot strategy to finally position your expertise.

You're tired of building your business course by course, program by program.

You want to confidently get up from your desk and live the life you deserve.

You want to pivot without sacrificing your coins and credibility.

You've never had a business plan, like ever.

You know it's time for something new.

You know it's time to pivot.
But you don't know how? Well... I crafted a FREE GUIDE just for you!
Pivot in Confidence—Craft Your Signature

Britney's attention to detail and branding strategy has helped me to create a brand that has resulted in over $170,000 in course sales in only 9 months. None of that would have been possible without her & her brilliant mind.

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No more playing games.
I want to help you plan your pivot.

If you're ready to take that business of yours to the next level with a pivot strategy you can confidently roadmap, then I'm the coach for you.

I'm known in the industry for my tough-love approach centered on simple practicality, and the cool thing is—my very own pivots have positioned me to teach you every aspect of business, branding and marketing.


It's never my goal to show you how smart I am, but it is my goal to simplify tough business concepts so that you can get, apply and work them. Are you ready?

Let's get this work!
Cheers to pivoting to your next level.

Thanks for visiting me online... if you're ready to toast to your next level, let's go ahead and get this work! Click the button below to learn more about working with me.