You won't believe this...
But it's totally true, fam.

Many entrepreneurs make core business decisions based on their gut alone. And while the gut does play a huge part in business, making boss moves requires a strategic level of planning and research too. 


There’s no way around that.


Believe it or not, there are many established entrepreneurs running a “plan-less” business, and yes (like me), their gut has gotten them pretty far.




When they come to a “pivot fork” in the road, they have no clue which way to go because the foundation of a plan (or vision for that matter) was never put into place [or might be all over the place for that matter]. Causing:




 Purpose Questioning 

 Attraction of Awful Clients

 Horrible Investments / Partnerships 

 And More!


It’s time to do business better.

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There's a sea of business coaches for you to choose from, so you're over there questioning, "Britney, what makes you unique?" And if I can toot my own horn, there are a few things I'd like to share—but really, mainly one:

I am the all-in-one business coach you've been looking for. See, I don't just teach one aspect of business... but yet my

8-step framework teaches you step-by-step how business, branding, finance and marketing work together in order for you to experience a successful & fulfilling pivot.

I'm here to serve you.
So you can better serve your people.
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Pivot Into Your Purpose.
A pivot is calling your name, fam.

I get it. You feel a pivot in your business will jeopardize the credibility and reputation you’ve spent years building... maybe decrease your revenue... or perhaps turn your current clientele away. So you've made up in your mind that staying the same and playing it safe is the most reasonable option (eek). I can tell you from experience, playing it safe and not taking the risk of betting on yourself is not the way to go. 

I used to "fear the pivot"—
Until I realized there were people waiting to be served.

I strongly believe that we are all assigned to a unique set of people in life. Whether big or small, your ability to show up fully in your "pivoted purpose" sometimes has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with that unique set of people.

So what does that mean?

It means, the longer you sit around questioning the pivot you know is calling your name, the longer those folks go unserved.

Build your biz better.
Give me a moment to share my perspective.

I’m Britney Jeanine, a Business Coach and Pivot Strategist focused on helping experienced [yet transitioning] service providers confidently plan their pivot without compromising their coins and credibility. 


Using my signature system, I’m here to teach how you can successfully pivot your business, and still maintain brag-worthy results, reach, revenue, and retention. 


I believe that entrepreneurial evolution is a must, but many entrepreneurs stay stuck exactly where they are because they’re afraid of change, or they don’t know how to change. Whether that’s doing business differently, entering into a new market, raising their prices, streamlining... and the list goes on.


I am here to combat that fear…

If you know without a doubt it’s time to pivot your business because that gut of yours won’t leave you alone, I challenge you to apply to work together! I’ve designed a tried and true method that’ll have you pivoting like it’s nobody’s business.

Investing in Britney's program was

the single best investment we've made

in our business all year! It was seriously life changing.

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The Aftermath

A 1:1 VIP experience for service providers who are ready to own their pivot.


Through this coaching experience, you'll learn how to implement my 8-step

framework that'll eliminate the frustration of building your business freebie by freebie, course by course. You have the education, experience and

expertise—it's time that everyone knows it.

Together we'll craft a strategic and COHESIVE "Pivot Plan" that ties

together business planning, branding, finance, and marketing. We'll even cover implementation and measurement so you can roadmap your way to 2x your results, revenue and retention.

Are you a fit?
Well, let's see... The Aftermath is for you if:

+ You're a service provider.

+ You've been in biz at least 5+ years or...

+ You're ready to take your biz 6-figures and beyond.

+ You're ready to live a life beyond the desk.

+ You consider yourself a transitioning entrepreneur.

+ You're ready to combat the "what if" fear of pivoting.

+ You want your years of experience and revenue to match.

+ You want to make clear and confident business decisions.

+ You want to solidify your expertise and credibility.

+ You want to finally build a business the right way.

And, most of all—


You want to trash all those dusty notebooks full of "pieced together" freebie & course notes that you have no clue how to make work together.


I've pivoted to not only attract personal training clients consistently but Corporate clients as well. Since working with Britney I've booked two opps with a huge Fortune

500 company in Atlanta.

The System

The Aftermath walks you step-by-step through my 8-Step System—where we'll cover everything business planning, branding, finance, marketing, and more. And listen. Because you're a busy entrepreneur, I made sure to keep things simple and practical so that you can pivot like a total pro; because honestly, you don't have time to waste—your purpose is waiting for you.

+ Goals assessment and analysis

+ 8-hour VIP session (in-person or virtual)

+12-month quarterly roadmap

+ Full business, marketing, and financial plan 

+ Automations, operations, and systems roadmap

+ 30 / 60 / 90 day check-ins for progress (after completion)​


What's Included?
Everything that's included with your enrollment.

 Questioning your purpose.

 Burnt out and feeling like giving up.

 Unclear about your biz numbers.

 Guessing your way through biz.

 Underrated in your industry.

 Chained to your desk.

 Operating like a novice.

 Partnering with questionable brands.

✓ Operating in your purpose. 

✓ Feeling fulfilled through your work.

✓ Confident about your biz numbers.

✓ Making clear & confident biz decisions.

✓ Respected & recognized in your industry.

✓ Living life beyond your desk.

✓ Aligned in your authority. 

✓ Securing amazing opps.

Before The Aftermath
After The Aftermath
What Our Clients Are Saying
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Ready to drink the juice?

I cannot wait to see if you're a good fit for my VIP experience. Below please find a brief application so that my team and I can assess if we are a good fit for you and your business. Cannot wait to hear from you!