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No time for templates and group programs? Meet me for a day & I'll write the plan for you. Plus be on your side for 90 days of execution.


A VIP Experience that goes beyond just a day. Well, that's a reality over here.



A 1:1 VIP experience for service providers who are
ready to own their pivot.

The Experience

Bring all your ideas and I'll take care of writing the plan for you.


02. VIP Day

For 8-hours we'll meet in-person to roadmap your pivot together. We'll brainstorm, strategize, and I'll gather everything needed to officially craft your Pivot Plan. 

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04. 90 Days of Support

I won't leave your there... it's now time to execute on the plan. For 90 days I'll be in your corner pushing you through the plan. We'll meet at the 30, 60 and 90 day marks.

01. Kick-Off

After submitting your intake materials we'll meet for 1-hr to outline our time together. Every client is different, so this gives me the opportunity to get into your mind [of ideas] so that we can move with intention.

03. Plan Review Meeting

7 business days after your VIP Day we'll meet for 2 hours to review your final Pivot Plan. This also includes the review of your 12-month quarterly roadmap, content plan, financial roadmap, and operations manual.

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What the Pivoters have to say!



Comprehensive Business Plan

Quarterly Execution Roadmap

Launch Planner & Roadmap

Revenue Roadmap & Calculator

Content Planner of Topics

Operations Manual

Sales Funnel Map

Debrief & Measurement Tracker



The parts the Pivot Plan cover:








Determining the current climate of your market and identifying gaps your
business can fill.

Developing your offers, pricing, and financially forecasting your way forward.

Developing a marketing and content strategy that attracts your people and gets them in your funnel to buy.

Roadmapping all activities that needs to be implemented (with deadlines) to achieve a successful and fulfilling pivot.

Outlining your brand definition, target tiers. clarifying your position, establishing your message, and crafting your signature framework.

Establishing your business' visual standards and curating a unique experience to match it.

Outlining the way you do business including the steps, software, and staff.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Aftermath for?

The Aftermath is for service providers who are ready to pivot their business by developing a strategic cohesive plan... but want it done for them.

What are the qualifications for the program?

Because this program is curated for those that have the desire to pivot, we find this program is best suited for those that have been in business 3-5 years and are experienced in their field/market.

What is a "hybrid" program?

Hybrid simply means this program is a balanced blend of pre-recorded content and live group coaching.

How long is the program?

90 days in its entirety.

How do I know this program will work for me?

You get out what you put in... the goal of The Aftermath is that you walk away with a comprehensive business plan with clear guidelines for execution. We believe our plan will make anything you do in business that much easier (for example, hiring, joining other niched programs, etc.) Note: we write and caoch your through the plan... but you HAVE to show up. We can't do it all for you.

How much is the program investment?

The Aftermath is a $10,000 investment if paid in full, or 3 payment of $4,000 shall you decide to do our payment plan. We have also partnered with a 3rd party funding company where you'll receive payments as low as $350 per month as long as personally you make at least $40,000/year and have a 620 credit score or higher. Apply (or have a family member apply on your behalf) by clicking here.

What is I need ongoing coaching beyond The Aftermath?

When the time comes we'll share more information with you about The Aftermath [Plus], where you can extend coaching for 3 months at a time. We also have an exclusive program called Pivot to Launch where our team will take on execution of your plan for you as well.




Ready to drink the juice?

I cannot wait to see if we're a good fit for one another. Take a quick moment to fill out the application below.