Creative Complex

A 3-day in-person business & brand building experience for entrepreneurs ready to lock their purpose, plan and profits.



Your gift can guide you to greater flexibility and freedom, but it first starts

with you.

If you're anything like most entrepreneurs I've had the pleasure of working with, you're totally in your head making business way more complicated than it needs to be. First let me tell you—that's completely normal. 

The reason why business has been so hard for you is because frankly, you've been guessing. You have no solid plan, direction, and have yet to experience a tried and true method that can really elevate your business to serve in the way you know it can. That's where Creative Complex comes in. For 3 days we're going to work to get your business (and brand) right and tight—because results, revenue and retention are the goal. 

But first, let's see if this experience is for you:

This is For You If:

  • You know you have a gift but serving it feels impossible.

  • You dream of your next level but have no plan to get there.

  • You've been making business way too complicated.

  • You question your purpose & sometimes feel like quitting.

  • You're ready to experience real results, revenue & retention.

  • You're ready to work with a no-fluff + experienced consultant.

  • You're ready to implement my tested & proven methodology that'll get you clear, confident and consistent in your business.

This is Not For You If:

  • You're still figuring out what your business will be.

  • You're not willing to show up for yourself. 

  • You expect Britney to do the work for you.

  • You're comfortable staying exactly where you are.

  • You're not going to implement & execute concepts learned.

  • You're going to complain the whole way about changes that need to be made in your business & brand.

  • You have trust issues.

What my people are saying:

My revenue has more than doubled since attending Creative Complex!

I truly went from "the go to girl" to the "don't go to her until you're ready girl". After implementing the strategies I've learned at Creative Complex my revenue has more than doubled. I am now attracting the right clients and working my plan. I have truly been experiencing consistent growth and expansion and I no longer see myself as a novice. Attending Creative Complex has provided me with clarity, results, directed pursuits and a challenge that I am now prepared for! Britney don't owe me NOTHING! Grateful is an understatement. - Kimberly

I've had consistent 4-figure months since attending 

Creative Complex!

After leaving Creative Complex I was able to get more intentional about my business, branding and marketing. I have since focused my efforts on messaging, email marketing and growing my audience. Prior to coming to Creative Complex I wasn't as confident in selling, but I left knowing how to sell my expertise to my people, thus increasing my conversions and my income! Annnndd, I've had consistent 4-figure months since attending Creative Complex. - Andrea

Since attending Creative Complex I've booked over 6 personal training clients.

This is my first time running my own business so I was adamant about doing it the right way. Through Creative Complex, Britney taught me what it meant to build and market my business to the right people. I have since implemented a marketing plan, launched my website and new branding, and have even incorporated Britney's signature offer structure that guides clients on the best ways to engage with my business. Not only have I booked 6 consistent personal training clients since Creative Complex, but I've also booked my first ever Fortune 500 corporate client! Things are looking up!

- Kelin

Catch the vibe—


I'm Britney Jeanine.

And I believe my purpose on Earth is to serve entrepreneurs just like you. Whether you've mastered the world of business and need some extra support, or you have no clue where to start—I guarantee you, you're in the right place.

Because I myself experienced transition, and the famous ups and downs of business...I can totally relate to wherever you are on your journey. I remember the days of being stuck, frustrated and confused—but the moment I understood there was a method to making this whole business and branding thing work, I buckled down, got to work and put my very own system to the test! A system that now generates 5-figure months in my business consistently...a system that can work for you too.

What's In Store:

Day 1:

Business + Brand Discovery

  • Master your gifts & your mindset.

  • Outline your wildest business dreams.

  • Message with purpose and intention.

  • Map the vision for your business.

  • Craft the values you stand upon.

  • Lock and position your YOUness.

  • Problem solve with confidence.

  • Determine to niche or not to niche.

  • Segment your audience.

  • Pitch your business in confidence.

  • Set goals for clear forward movement.

Day 2:

Business Optimization + Branding

  • Craft your offer structure & system.

  • Implement your pricing model. 

  • Roadmap your financial future.

  • Lock the value you provide.

  • Market and sell with intention

  • Understand the meaning of branding.

  • Develop your customer experience.

  • Map the customer journey & lifecycle.

  • Map your customer touch-points.

  • Formulate a gap analysis.

  • Visually brand to attract your people.

Day 3:

Operations, Automation & Measurement

  • Craft your operating procedures.

  • Develop specific workflows. 

  • Communicate your processes.

  • Determine areas for automation.

  • Outline tools and software for success.

  • Measure your movement.

More receipts ya'll:

Enrollment Details:

Registration for Creative Complex is officially paused due to COVID-19. Britney and team are closely monitoring the impacts of COVID-19, and will soon post new conference dates for this one-of-a-kind experience.

The Cost

One thing about me, is—I show up. And if you are willing to show up and do the work, you will see a return on your investment within 3-6 months of you leaving Creative Complex. Catch your pricing options below:

  • Pay in Parts (General)

    3 payments of $349


    • Event Access + All Sessions

    • Actionable Plan + Roadmap

    • Networking Opportunities 

    • Community Building

    • Event Workbook 

    • Refreshments

    • Swag

  • Pay in Full (General)

    1 payment of $997


    • Event Access + All Sessions

    • Actionable Plan + Roadmap

    • Networking Opportunities 

    • Community Building

    • Event Workbook 

    • Refreshments

    • Swag

    • Lifetime access to Unstuck

  • Pay in Full (VIP)

    1 payment of $1497


    • Event Access + All sessions

    • Actionable Plan + Roadmap

    • Networking Opportunities 

    • Community Building

    • Event Workbook

    • Refreshments

    • VIP Swag

    • Lifetime access to Unstuck

    • Lifetime access to Beast the Brand

    • 1:1 Business & Brand Audit

    • VIP Seating & Check-In

    • VIP Luncheons (each day)

    • VIP Dinner with Britney (final day)

Get in Contact:

e: info@britneyjeanine.com

p: 404-913-1955

Atlanta, Ga.

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Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

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