Doors for Plan the Pivot [Hybrid] are officially closed.

A pivot is not a quit.

It's time to eliminate the fear of pivoting your business so that you can 2x your results, revenue, reach, and retention.

Let's build a business that actually serves YOU  just as much as it serves your people.

I get it. You're over there feeling completely out of whack because that dream business you thought your would be running, doesn't feel like a dream at all. Your gut has been nagging you telling you it's time for a change, but playing it safe feels like the better option—because let's keep it real, it's what you know... and you've also been telling yourself that a change will leave your people confused and not willing to buy, right? WRONG.

You're tired of doing business the same ol' way, fam.

- You've taken all the courses—from all the experts—yet you still feel like your business is missing something.

- You know it's time for a change, but what that looks like

exactly—you have no idea.

- You're feeling completely burnt out because frankly,

you're chained to your desk working, working, working.

- You dream about throwing your entire business in the trash and starting all over...been there!

Imagine if you listened to that inner calling, pivoted your business, and actually killed the game.

Then what? Then... you'd finally break-free from that desk and start spending some much-needed time with the family that loves you. Then you'd start to generating income that allows you to travel to all the places you only Google right now. Then you'd drop the bad attitude you give your current clients because you actually love what you do again...

You're feeding your mind negative thoughts like—

"I want to change, but people aren't going to buy from me if I do."

"This is what people know me for... they're going to be so confused."

"People are going to think I am insane if I do something completely different and new."

"I'd rather stay the same than to take a risk that I am uncertain will be successful."


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A group coaching experience for service providers who are ready to kick fear in the behind and finally plan the pivot of their dreams.


Plan the Pivot [Hybrid].

We've pivoted our business by cutting

1:1 client work and have still doubled our income! This wouldn't have been possible without Britney!


 Questioning your purpose.

 Burnt out and feeling like giving up.

 Unclear about your biz numbers.

 Guessing your way through biz.

 Underrated in your industry.

 Chained to your desk.

 Operating like a novice.

 Partnering with questionable brands.

✓ Operating in your purpose. 

✓ Feeling fulfilled through your work.

✓ Confident about your biz numbers.

✓ Making clear & confident biz decisions.

✓ Respected & recognized in your industry.

✓ Living life beyond your desk.

✓ Aligned in your authority. 

✓ Securing amazing opps.

Before PTP [Hybrid]
After PTP [Hybrid]
My Mindset to Mastery Method

Doors for Plan the Pivot [Hybrid] are officially closed.

What's all included, Brit?


Plan the Pivot


Jump into all this juicy content via your own member portal.


Group Onboarding

& Milestone Calls

No pivoter left behind. We'll make sure to check-in with you every step of the way.


Weekly Group

Coaching Calls

Join Britney LIVE weekly for strategic coaching, planning, and more.


Private Facebook Community & Forum

Because you don't have to do this alone, we've built a community of pivoters too.


Personalized Feedback

on Submitted Work

You're not just a # here! Receive personalized feedback on your work.


Guest Expert Trainings from Brit's Biz Besties

Because sometimes you just need another perspective...


Pivot Focused Tools

and Templates

From bonuses, planners, financial spreadsheets and more we have tools galore.


The Business Plan

You've Never Had...

You never had a business plan like the one you'll build here. That's a promise.

Since working with Britney, I stepped out, established my voice independently from my main photography hustle with my spouse, and went from $0 personal income to $35k as an influencer.

Work from anywhere at anytime, fam.

This is an online program designed to be completed anywhere at anytime. We get it... every student has a different timeline, so we've allotted 6-months for completion. Take the entire 6, or bust it all out in 3~it's totally up to you!

There's no time better than now.

Because starting now allows you to...

+ Operate in your pivoted purpose sooner.

Own a business that serves YOU and your people well.

Rid that nagging gut feeling that keeps telling you to pivot.

Combat the fear of the unknown.

Take control of your future.


 You're not sure if you really want to pivot.

 You have a product-based business.

 You've been in biz less than 3 years.

 You're not ready to hit that 6-figure mark.

 You're ok with being stuck at the desk.

 You don't care to make more money.

 You want to keep all your dusty biz notes.

 You want to stay the same.

✓ You're certain a pivot is calling your name.

✓ You're running a service-based business.

✓ You've been in business 3+ years.

✓ You're ready to hit that 6-figure mark.

✓ You're ready to live life beyond the desk.

✓ You want to increase your revenue.

✓ You want to build a cohesive plan.

✓ You want to do biz better.

PTP is not for you if...
PTP is for you if...

Doors for Plan the Pivot [Hybrid] are officially closed.

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You can pivot your business without compromising your coins and credibility.
You've got two choices here...

You can continue operating a business that no longer serves you...

- OR -

You can listen to your gut, bet on yourself, and plan the pivot of a lifetime.

Which will it be?

Your pivot awaits you...
I want you to know that...

+ You will find that fulfilling missing business link. 

You can run a business that better serves you!

+ You can afford to bet on yourself!

+ You can elevate your expertise.

+ You can do this! 


Hear what Natarsha has to say...

Apply to my watch the replay of my LIVE private training:

How to Plan Your Biz Pivot w/ Strategy + Intention


I've got answers...

Frequently Asked Questions

Makeup and Hair Services

When will I receive my appointment time for an IFBB/NPC Show Makeup or Hair Service?

Schedules typically go out by EOD the Monday of show week for shows that occurs Friday Saturday or Sunday. If the show falls during the week, schedules will be sent by Sunday EOD prior to show.

Does Flawless offer Refunds or Credits for Makeup & Hair services cancelled or moved?

Flawless does not offer refunds of any kind for hair and makeup services for anything other than weddings. You can receive a credit for services that can be used up to 1 year from date of purchase if you need to cancel or move services. It is your reponsibility to let us know at a minimum of 72 hours before your service to receive a full value credit. Anything less than 72 hours notice you will forfeit your services and any credit you would have received. We plan our artist workday around the bookings and no shows and late cancellations affect other clients who would have taken that appointment. For Bridal Services: If your wedding is cancelled, you must provide written notification from the venue that your wedding has been cancelled and a new date has not set to receive a partial refund. A non refundable cancellation fee of 25% of the total services will be retained by Flawless.

Does Flawless Take Deposits?

Flawless does take Deposits for Bridal Services Only. The Non Refundable Deposit is 25% of the total services for the day. If your date is moved, the deposit can be applied to that date. Please contact to arrange to pay your deposit.

I ordered online, but want to cancel, Can I do that?

We are sorry, once an order is submitted, it may not be canceled or refunded. We encourage customers to their order details carefully before submitting their order.

Do you offer Student, Military or Stylist discounts?

We do not offer discounts to select groups at this time. Join our Flawless Insiders list for updates on upcoming promotions and offers.

What is Flawless doing to protect customers during this Covid-19 global pandemic?

As Coronavirus continues to impact communities worldwide, the health and safety of our artist and customers remains a top priority. We are operating under the sanitary guidelines recommended by the CDC to ensure the wellness of our team and the safety of all of our Flawless customers. Please click here to see our response and safety precautions in place to protect us all.

Hair Products

Are you shipping during the Pandemic?

Yes we are. Please note we may have delayed shipping due to delays from our vendors and shippers.

If I order today, when will I receive my Flawless Hair Product or Lashes?

We have a 7-10 business day processing time after you place your order. Orders are shipped (during normal circumstances) within this time frame.

Does Flawless offer Refunds or Exchanges on Hair or Lash Products?

Wigs & Lashes: Flawless does not offer refunds or exchanges on Flawless Black Label Wigs or Lashes. Hair and Lashes are considered a Hygenic Product. We take matters of hygiene and public safety seriously and DO NOT ALLOW these items to be returned for the safety of all of our employees and clients. Bundles and Clip-In Sets: We understand that picking the right color might be a bit difficult when choosing from a computer screen, so we are happy to exchange your unopened Flawless Hair Extension clipin or bundle set for a set for the right color within thirty (30) days of you receiving your order. You will be allowed 1 exchange only. Due to hygienic reasons we only exchange items that have not been opened, worn or tampered with. You are responsible to inform us via email of the issue and cover the cost to ship back to us and ship back out to you. Failure to do so will result in your exchange being denied. STEP 1.
Please contact Flawless customer service to obtain a Authorization to exchange. Please indicate in the email EXCHANGE and for which color or if you would prefe. If there is a difference in price and additional shipping cost, we will simply send you an invoice via e-mail to pay the difference. Once your exchange is approved please ship your extensions back to: Flawless Hair and Makeup PO BOX 250868 Plano, TX 75025
We strongly suggest keeping your tracking number so we can confirm your package has been safely delivered to our PO BOX. We will not accept responsibility for items returned without a tracking number. You are responsible for the shipping cost to return your set back to us. STEP 3.
Please allow 4-6 business days from the date the return is delivered to be notified by a representative.For additional questions or concerns, please contact us at, we are here to help you! Shipping cost for Exchange: You are responsible to pay any new shipping cost. This will be sent to you via an invoice.

I ordered online, but want to cancel, Can I do that?

We are sorry, once an order is submitted, it may not be canceled or refunded. We encourage customers to their order details carefully before submitting their order.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes, we ship to PO BOXES. Please note that the priority express option for PO BOX addresses requires up to 3-5 days for delivery as we use USPS for PO BOX addresses. All PO BOX addresses ship with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

In the event that I miss my hair appointment as a result of a delayed delivery, will Flawless cover the cost of my Hair Appointment and/or cancellation fees.

No, Flawless will not cover or pay for any fees associated to the cancellation of hair services and appointments. Please wait to receive and confirm your items purchased before confirming any and all hair appointment and services.

Do you offer Student, Military or Stylist discounts?

We do not offer discounts to select groups at this time. Join our Flawless Insiders list for updates on upcoming promotions and offers.

What is a Full Lace Wig? What are the other types of wigs Flawless offers?

Full Lace Unit is a glueless wig that allows for endless parting, styling and unimaginable versatility. The hair on the wig is hand ventilated to the holes in the luxury Swiss lace. Our full lace wigs come in 3 sizes- Small (21.5” head circumference). Medium (22.5 head circumference) and Large ( 23” head circumference). They also come with combs and and an adjustable strap in the back. Each wig is custom made at time of purchase. SHOP OUR LACE WIGS.

I am not Black and I have fine hair, will this hair work for me too?

Absolutely, Flawless Hair can be used by all races

Can I color Flawless Hair Extensions and Wigs?

Yes, all Flawless hair products can be colored . If you plan to color seek the help of a professional colorist for assistance.

How long will my Hair Extensions last?

Our hair is guaranteed to last many years with proper care.

Do I need to seal the wefts on my extensions bundles?

We strongly recommend that you seal your wefts only when they are cut to ensure that they don't unravel.

How do I measure my Head for a Lace Wig?

Using a flexible tape measure, lay the tape around the back of your head touching the base of your skull at a point where the wig will end and pull it forward just above your ears. Position the end of the tape at the mid-point of your front hairline. This will measure your head 'circumference'.

How do I maintain my Flawless Hair?

Custom units need to be maintained just like your natural hair. Please follow the care instructions listed by clicking here. We are not be responsible for units that are not maintained. We do offer a Maintenance service (includes washing, conditioning, restyling). Maintenance service is available for $200 per unit. If your wig is not salvageable you will be notified and you may receive a 10% discount towards a new custom unit.

What is the shipping and process time?

Hair and Custom Wig Orders: Flawless Hair extension orders require a production Lead time of approximately 7 to 10 business days, Holidays and weekends are excluded. You will be notified of any possible processing and shipping delays due to circumstances out of our control. Shipping is affected by delays in production time. The order will be shipped to the address provided and method per the order submission. It is important to check your order for accuracy prior to submitting payment. No refunds will be issued for refused, abandoned or packages mailed to the wrong address due to customer error. Flawless is not responsible for carrier delays due to holidays, weather, or unforeseen issues.

Why cant I use a discount code for Hair products?

Flawless Athlete discount codes can only be used for hair and makeup services. Often we run promotional sales. This is the time to buy your Flawless Hair.

I'm Britney Jeanine.
Your Business Coach + Pivot Strategist.

And I've pivoted a time (or 5) myself. But get this... it wasn't until I put a "Pivot Plan" in place that I was able to confidently achieve 6-figures in my business, and begin the process of financially projecting to hit 7-figures.

See, I've been the wedding planner turned photographer turned web & graphic designer—until one day I hit a brick wall... a wall so solid that it knocked me off my feet, and had me questioning what I truly wanted out of business & life.

And honestly, I was about to quit business altogether.

But then I decided to blow the dust off of my business degrees, tap into my experience & expertise, and plan my way to excellence... a process I now teach in 8 [practical and simplified] steps.


Since working with Britney, I stepped out, established my voice independently from my main photography hustle with my spouse, and went from $0 personal income to $35k as an influencer.

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Ready to drink the juice?

I cannot wait to see if we're a good fit for one another!

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