4 Reasons Not to Book that Client

This is a topic I am sure we can all relate to! When it comes to business and branding we often hear fancy terms like "ideal client" and "target market", and though I am all about eliminating big words and making things more simple for my folks to understand, I also think it is important to know the "who" when it comes to those we WANT to service.

Ever receive an email from a potential client, and immediately you sense missing chemistry? Although they may request everything you offer, and the money sounds like it'll be amazing, you have internal thoughts like, "is it all worth it?" I've been there!

So! Here are 4 reasons not to book that client:

Reason 1: You'll just want to get it over with!

When you take on a client/project with a person who was not designed to work with you, you do not give that particular project your all. The mentality of "I just want to get it done" will come over you quick... and you do not want to do that! This then leads to: Reason 2: You'll rob folks of your true client experience. You'll compromise your true client experience. It's hard to fake it when you are not happy when working with a particular someone! You want your client experience to be one that's raved about NON-STOP! Reason 3: You'll attract the same folks over and over again. You do not want to continue attracting project/clients that are similar in nature. If you compromise to get a nice paycheck, more people that are attracted to what you developed will come your way. Reason 4: Your creative flame will dim on other projects. Your creative flame might dim on other projects in which you are working. Sometimes projects we regret doing can take so much from us that we do not have the energy to give the projects we were passionate about our all...does that make sense?

Here are some of the signs I use when receiving inquiries to determine if it might be a great working relationship, and a project I'll be excited to work on! Check the difference (they are all examples, and not actual emails received):

"I found you via Instagram and love your work! Would love to request your pricing to determine if we are a good fit!"

I would bite this! They've seen what I have produced, and seem to like what I've done! There is also some excitement in their tone! While I do not know what the exact project is, I do know that they are excited about the "potential" of working together!

"Britney!!!!!! OMG! I am sooo excited to be sending you this email! I am super pumped to FINALLY build a BANGIN' BRAND that is going to turn some heads girl!!! I have been following you for some time and putting away my coins so that we can get it on and popping! Please send me your price list at your earliest convenience! I want to take my photography business to the next level! Kiss #TaylorAlligator for me!"

THIS is POSSIBLY my ideal client! They know everything about me and my work! They know my services may cost, but they have it in their mind that they do not want to work with anyone else! They call me by name, and they even know about my daughter who I mostly share on my personal account! This is the person who has researched you, reads all your blog posts, and refers you before they have even had the chance to work with you!

"Need pricing because I need a website ASAP. Look forward to a speedy response!"

While I am happy this person contacted me, they really do not know who I am, and what I can do! It would take some work for me to convince them I am the best choice...and I really am horrible at sales (sounds crazy right)? While I would provide more information, I would need to further gage this opportunity to see if I am a good fit!

You guys know I can get into this... so I am going to hang it up there! I hope you find this post to be beneficial! I really want to hear from you, so if you've read this far drop a comment below, ask questions, submit topics and engage!



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