4 Tips to Sell in a Less Cheesy Way!

Gosh! Does selling make your skin crawl?!? Eek. Mine too!

I simply HATE coming off super cheesy, pushy and inauthentic! It is the WORST!

When it comes to my brand, I want people to know that I care—and that the services I sell are the solutions to their problems. But! I also want my people to make that decision on their own...and not necessarily because I am shoving information down their throats, and being really extra...constantly asking for their credit card.

If you are like me, selling is definitely a must in your business, but the constant push is totally uncomfortable for you!

So! I wanted to share:

4 tips to selling in a LESS cheesy way

Alright! So let me break it down.

1. Create fun emails positioning yourself as the expert!

Let’s be honest—writing a fun email expressing yourself, your brand’s personality and positioning yourself as an expert by providing thought-provoking content is much more comfortable than asking for someone’s credit card over the phone or via email!

I have found more people making the decision to hire me, simply because I did what I do best—provide solutions to their problems.

It’s ok to allow the client to date your brand first, then decide if they want to marry you! No one likes a pushy salesperson—I tell you that! Let the ball sit in their court for a bit before you go snatching their coins! Stick to providing good content, and they’ll make that purchase in the middle of the night while you’re in Zzz-land!

Take Action: craft a simple email sequence folks will receive after subscribing to your website, etc. etc.

2. Use freebies and add sell points throughout.

This is simply a GIVE then RECEIVE!

There’s nothing people love more, than something that is FREE! Free is good...but! Free should be VALUABLE if you’re trying to make a sell.

As an example I shared my guide Clarify Your Brand! This guide was an in-depth workbook on building the what, why, how and who behind your brand! But of course at the end of the guide I included what I like to call "what now" or call to action buttons.

Again, in these freebies share thought-provoking content that actually HELPS your potential client! And once they see the starry skies from the little you did, they’ll be crawling with their credit card in hand.

Take Action: think about a good freebie you can offer (and create), and then be sure to add links to your "what now" offerings (or consult calls)! Automation is key...so how can folks receive this freebie in a convenient way? I use Kartra (and Wix Automations), so that when subscribers sign-up, the freebie is automatically dispatched.

3. Use your email signature, because you probably send 50+ emails a day anyway.

If you haven’t watched it already, I crafted a video on how to create a professional email signature, watch it here! Now that you got someone’s attention when it comes to that visual goodness at the bottom of your emails, be sure to drop a line about what you’re up to!

Whether it’s a new product, service or webinar let the people know! I am sure they are bound to click!

Take Action: level up that email signature of yours!

4. Be you!

That may sound soooo simple. But...just be you! When you're so consumed with the sales sales sales...and the funnel funnel funnel, you forgot to just be who you are! Naturally, people are drawn to your brand (and what you stand for) by just being yourself. They'll buy from you sometimes with that ALONE. If you're passionate, authentic and transparent, trust...the people will buy. Remember, people don't buy what you do, but why you do it.

Take Action: no action needed! Just be you!

So, what do you think? Is that a much better route to take? Let me know what you think by dropping a comment! I’d love to hear from you!



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