5 Folks to Stop Seeking Approval From.

Last December I shared this post...and I thought it would be a good one to bring back yet again! So here goes:

For some of us, being an entrepreneur can be one of the hardest things we'll ever have to do (raises hand). I can think back on the days of my Pentagon PR job where I could truly coast an entire day and still get a paycheck on Friday—man that's crazy to think about. But unfortunately, things just don't work that way when you're calling the shots and running your own business. See, if we don't work...we don't get paid—and that there my friend is the difference.

Because of that very thought, there's no time to waste when it comes down to executing your ideas. If you've followed my journey, you'd know I am the type of human to try it, and if it fails then I'll just try something else. Thank God for us...there's no rule book that gives you a limit on the amount of ideas you can execute. But! There is one thing I notice we do as creatives, and that's what I want to speak on today. 

For some reason, when we get brilliant ideas (or even begin the process of changing things in our business), we're hindered from moving forward because we have to ask everyone and "they" mama for their opinion. This then leads us to changing things that originally we loved JUST to get the stamp of approval from people that quite frankly may not matter in the grand scheme of things. I'm not going to fake it and say I don't love hearing, "yes, Britney that's a great idea!"— but sometimes you just have to go for it, even when people don't understand what you're working towards.

So, can I share 5 folks to stop seeking approval from, starting today? 

01. Someone the vision was not given to.

Stop feeling like you have to share a vision that God gave directly to you. To be honest, it can be hard for someone to even envision something they cannot see. Really, sometimes we have to work on executing our vision(s) before getting too excited and sharing our ideas with the world.

02. Someone that is not your ideal client.

Like your grandma lol! Yes Grandma can probably tell you it seems to be a good idea, but is Grandma the one you really need to impress here lol? Sometimes, our ideas are specifically tailored for our target client, and that's ok! Everyone does not need to "get it".

03. Someone who does not even understand your industry.

Ever find yourself asking for advice from someone who is wayyyyyyyyyyy on the polar opposite side of what you do...like your Uncle's friend who has been in the Army for 28 years lol. Just because they have years of experience in one arena, doesn't mean they should be your vision "go to". My advice is to find a mentor who has proven successful and go from there; that leads me to my next point. 

04. Someone who has yet to prove they too have what it takes.

Why are you asking advice from "peaked in high school Rob Lowe"? I mean yes, he had it going on in the day...but does he really know what YOUR creative industry takes? What is he even doing with his life anyways?!? You get the point right?

05.Someone who simply does not want you to shine.

I hate to say it...but you have haters. We all do! And sometimes they're closer in your circle than you think. Be very aware of the people who regret not pushing on their own dreams, that they hinder you from achieving yours by continuously pouring you a glass of green juice. Ok! *gives you a virtual high five*

For awhile, I myself would ask people what they thought of this...what they thought of that.... and then looked up and realized I still had not moved on an idea God planted in me, because I was waiting for people to give me the thumbs up! It wasn't until I moved on ideas solo that things were getting done! 

So....... I made up in my mind to stop asking folks what they thought about something before moving forward! I pushed behind the scenes, and after allowing my concepts to bloom, I allowed them to come to me and say, "Wow Britney saw what you're doing, and it's really cool!" 

Do realize that if you sit around waiting for people to say "job well done" "that's really cool" or "go for it", your ideas will never bloom as they should! Stop allowing people to change the vision that was given to YOU... because after all it is YOUR vision! 

We all have that one person we trust...and my point is not to say give them the boot! My point really is "limit the opinion asking" and allow your vision to blossom FIRST!

Love you all! And thanks for stopping by!



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