5 Tips to Survive the Creative World.

So I am back to blogging, and I figured why not start this whole thing with a topic that is real and authentic to my heart.

If you're new to this whole creative world (or not), it can be a bit overwhelming. Everyone has the perfect Instagram feed, content is poppin' and you're literally like where in the world do I fit—or start for that matter? I clearly remember what starting a business felt like—and that was way before social media was the beast it is today. At the time, I had more questions than answers, I knew absolutely no human that could relate, and I often questioned if people would even be interested in the services I brought to the table.

No matter how put together others may seem—we're all "outchea", winging it! Believe it or not, we all second guess our ideas, have bad days and even doubt our potential! You. Are. Not. Alone. In that same breath, we also experience incredible wins, meet the most amazing folks along the journey, and eventually fall into our purpose(s)!

So, here are my 5 tips for surviving in this whole creative world:

01. Bring God into the mix every step of the way.

When I started my business 10 years ago, I did not have a relationship with God. Like...I knew God, and I believed He existed, but I did not consult Him for anything. Like, absolutely NOTHING! I feel like He was chillin' in heaven tapping His fingers like, "girl, when are you going to call me for something!?" I truly believe that God will fulfill the desires of your heart, and make ways where there seems to be no way. He'll line up the opportunities, send the right people, and He'll even give you the ideas that will make you and your business unique! If I can give you some small advice here, you do not want to do this without Him! It can start with a simple daily prayer like:

God, thank you for my life. Thank you for my talent. Fulfill in me your amazing will. Amen.

02. Start where you are.

For some reason we have this false belief that we need to have our entire life put together before we can start our new creative venture. Like really? Where the heck does that even come from anyway? We think we need the perfect website, the best photos, the entire year mapped out, an untouchable business plan, and funds flowing! Um, no. Start where you are, and with what you have! If you want to create videos, use your phone until you can purchase a camera. If you need a website...build your own until you can hire a professional. If you need headshots, find an awesome photographer offering a seasonal special! Listen! Just start. I promise it will evolve.

03. Follow your own rules.

Stop thinking there is one way to success! We follow the words of our favorite creatives as if they're holy grail—and I have come to tell you, it's time to follow your own rules! There's no right or wrong way to do things. I promise. I remember in the beginning I would follow other designers like, "oh, she said I need to blog at least once a week to get clients", "oh, he said that I should always wear my brand colors so people can remember me." I laugh thinking about it now. Please, do you. Stop worrying how others say it should be done. What works for them, may not work for you, and that is ok. Find your own way, and celebrate when doing things differently actually starts working for you!

04. Remember, the numbers don't make you.

To have a huge following does not mean you've arrived. You can have 20 faithful folks following you—and guess what, that's 20 people in which you can make an impact! I recently attended a networking event here in Atlanta. As we started to pose for the group picture, I went to the front row. Smiling and ready for the shot....the event leader asked me to stand up on the side. Thinking I was throwing off the photo's layout, I got up and moved. After a little thought, I realized, she was moving me to the side because all the folks on the front row had thousands of followers. It was an "image thing". At first, I started getting into my head about my "little" of a following. But then, I realized I was mentally discrediting all the people who have followed me these last 10 years! For me, they are who matter—and whether I have 10 followers of 10k followers, I will still inspire where I am! So forget the front row, forget them numbers and forget the mentality that you only matter if a certain amount of people follow you! See people for who they are, period. Boom-sha-ca-locka!

05. Keep going.

I have started and stopped blogging more times than I can count...but I vow to keep going until I figure out what I am supposed to be doing, and who I am supposed to encourage. Don't feel ashamed for quitting at times...it happens! If "thing 1" does not work, give thing 2 a shot! And if that doesn't work, regroup and try it again! Life is about living your best life...so I encourage you to keep going, and eventually you'll strike GOLD!

Thanks for reading!



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