S1 E3: Let Down Your Net.

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Hey hey hey!

I’m so glad to welcome you to yet another podcast episode here on Branded and Building! I hope my first two episodes left you feeling blessed and encouraged! Alright!

Today, I want to talk to anyone who is feeling stuck, but knows for certain God planted something amazing in the inside of you. Whether it be a new concept, a new business, a new mission, a new ministry...I don’t care…if you’ve been sitting on something out of the fear of failure, getting in your own way, or simply thinking you do not have what it takes, let’s go ahead and chat this thing out!

I named today’s episode at first—leap to launch, but as started to study a little more, the topic let down your net came to me! It comes from a story about a man named Peter. And I promise to tell this one quickly:

It’s found in both Luke 5:1-11

As well as John 21

Before I get started—I wanted to share that God gave me this message last week—but I sat on it because I felt it wasn’t coming together. This morning though, my best friend texted me these exact scriptures confirming that someone needs to hear this.

When I went to open my phone, the scripture Luke 5:1 was already on the screen. Then God told me—sit down, stop cleaning, and finish this message. So, I’m obeying.

Let’s jump in!

How many know it takes faith to actually step out and make something happen? I mean here you are with this great idea—but your mind is telling you, “you don’t have the resources” “you don’t know the right people” “you don’t have the money”....but on the other hand God is saying—”forget all that! I got you”.

It reminds me of a message I listened to yesterday, “Bring Me Another Vessel” preached by Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church.

In that message he talks about Noah building the arch—and how people were probably looking at him crazy until it actually started to rain, right. He also said something in that message that stuck out...he said “go open the bank account...doesn’t have to have money in it now….but prepare for God to fill it.” How many of us are preparing for God’s promise!

Regardless of what you see. Regardless of what you know….are you preparing? Are you walking by faith, and not by sight?


So let’s talk about Peter.

  • In this brief story in the Bible, Jesus is sitting in a boat on Galilee and teaching the people standing on the shore

  • When he finished teaching, he said to Simon (aka Peter) - “put your nets out and prepare for a big catch!”

  • Peter replied, “We’ve been out here all night and haven’t caught one thing—but since you say so, we’ll try!”

  • So they lowered the nets and just like that the nets began to fill.

  • The word says they caught 153 fish; AND the nets were so full that they weren’t strong enough to pull it...yet the net never broke!

How many want a blessing like that?

How many are able to trust God enough to do what he says even when it doesn’t make sense?

How many are ok with doing things differently?

How many actually have the faith to follow through?

I want to share, there is one major thing that sticks out in this story for me:

Around about John 7— Peter realized that the gentleman guiding them to throw down their nets was Jesus. So he threw on some changing clothes, yelled “it’s the MASTER!”! And started to run toward him with their net full of fish. Then the word says, “when they got out of the boat, they saw a fire laid, with fish and bread cooking on it.”

Ya’ll this was so powerful for me!

I kept reading and reading….but what I noticed was JESUS was already cooking fish! So he already was prepared to give them what they needed!

They just had to pass a faith test!

So not am I only going to give you what you need! If you have the faith to do what I say, you’re going to get to walk away with that too! In abundance! Come on now—is that not good or what?

153 fish

153 clients



I mean let’s keep it going!

So, here you’re considering investing in this new brand, this new product, this new business, and all God is saying—just have faith, and I’ll do the rest! It’s time to leap and show God you believe in his promises.

Because the word says, “if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

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