My Journey to the Wix Playground

So I heard Wix was hosting an event in NYC to make a big announcement—so I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to make my way to the concrete jungle to be in the room (a saying my design sis, Tiffany, and I have been standing by lately).

After attending Designer Vaca this year, it's been a goal of mine to step out on faith, make bold moves, and simply walk confidently in my purpose (see video below), so I literally did just that!

I purchased a flight, and got a hotel room for ONE night guys—no joke. Actually, I am writing this post from the hotel right now about to check-out.

Last night was amazing. It was totally awesome being in a room with other thought leaders, designers, entrepreneurs, experts, and more, all chatting about the world of Wix—a world that for so long I felt I lived in alone. Here I was amongst the Wix CEO, CMO, investors, Wix experts, ambassadors, and the list goes on! I was floored at all the genius that surrounded me.

Me at the Wix Playground in NYC!

I am writing this post not so much to share my experience at the Wix Playground last night, but more so to encourage someone to do something out of the ordinary. While I speak across the nation, teach webinars & workshops, host meetups, and design for an array of creatives and small businesses...being in a room full of "strangers" can be intimidating at times—yes I get nervous too. But I am here to tell you, it's time to get uncomfortable! It's time to do things differently! If you want different results, you have got to switch it up!

So get out. Be in the room. Explore. Meet. Connect. It's the only way.

For those of you following me, you know I am on this whole Instagram break until the new year, so I am realizing the importance of in-person connections. There is an entire world beyond that phone (and desk) of yours, and opportunity sometimes doesn't come just got to go get it!



P.S. And for those wondering, Wix announced Ascend by Wix! An all-in-one business solution built right into the platform! So you can do more than just build your website with Wix, but you can actually grow your business! Pretty much what I have been sharing all this time lol! Want to hear my thoughts about it all? Be sure to join me live at my next webinar There's Wix For That.

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