Part III: 4 Vs that Can Make (or Break) Your Brand.

So we've been on th​is​ "V" train for the last two weeks, and I have been sharing the 4 Vs that every business owner must outline ​{​and be confident in​}​, they are​ your​:





So to bring you up to speed, ​in case you've missed anything....​

V#1 ​is your​ ​v​alues—

Your values are uncompromising truths and guiding principles that articulate what you stand for, and the primary driving force behind your brand, business, behaviors, and decisions.​ If you missed it, click here.

V#2 ​is your voice—

Your brand voice is how you convey your brand personality to your external audience; and that personality is unique to who you are, and what your business represents. It also helps you to stand out in this oversaturated business world.​ Again, click here to read more on that.



Welcome to V#3 your vision

​"Brand vision refers to the ideas behind a brand that help guide the future.​"

​If you're anything like me (and the hundreds of entrepreneurs I've worked with), you jumped straight into business strictly led by passion.

Meaning, along the way you discovered this gift and thought to yourself, "man I can really make a business of this". 

N​ot necessarily thinking through a plan, outlining your business strategy or even identifying how to best find your audience (and uniquely market to them), you followed your gut —and at the time your gut was all you needed.

But you never stopped to think through the vision behind your business, right?

Remember, your vision is what guides your business forward into the future. And know, where your business is today isn't necessarily where it'll be tomorrow, next month or even next year. We are all working toward something; regardless of what that might be.

When I think of the term brand vision...I think of that common interview question, "where do you see yourself in ​5 years? ​10 years?"​ 

Again, it's forecasting the future. As it relates to business, questions to consider:

Where do you see your business and brand in 5 years? 10 years?What will people be saying about you?What problems will you have solved?What impact will you have made?Why do you exist?

Now, I want you to understand—maintaining your values and your voice, will consistently guide you to accomplishing the vision you have for your business; and having all 3 is GOLD! Because together (your values, voice and vision) will keep you on track. 


This week I want you to outline the vision you have for your business/brand. You can start by answering the questions listed above.

Have Fun,



I want to work with you to tie everything we've been learning together into a solid plan! Start by taking the quiz to see what program here at BJ&Co works the best for you (and where you currently are in business). 

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