S1 E1: It's Your Winning Season.

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Welcome in ya’ll!

I am just too excited to finally launch my first episode under the Britney Jeanine & Co. brand! So yeah! Welcome to Branded & Building: The Podcast—it’s going all the way down!

In today’s episode we’re talking all about bringing God into the mix, and claiming this season as ours.

Earlier this week if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my praise break I had on Stories, but, I was just sitting in my office and Alexa started playing “You Will Win” by Jekalyn Carr, and ya’ll it was over! It was over before it even started. The song spoke to my spirit and totally rocked my soul!

In my worship, I realized that for a little bit (unconsciously) I had been speaking negatively over my life, my ideas, and my business—and finally the words of this song helped me to truly understand the importance of speaking power. Speaking life. And speaking the desires of my heart into existence.

Like, ya’ll words matter! They so matter!

So I ask you guys, how are you speaking over your life? Your family? Your marriage? Your business? Your concepts? Your future?

Are the words that come out of your mouth in alignment with what you know God has for you?

Because in His word it says—for I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

And if that is the case (which it is)...we should be speaking with words that empower us! That remind us of His promises! And that propel us forward.

I was walking Taylor into her school, and of course the song was on my spirit. And she knew the words because she heard me singing it, and she was walking to her class..."it’s my winning season”, and I’m like…”you better sing girl!”

One thing that I have learned in my short walk with Christ, is that any time I bring God, positive thinking & positive speaking into the mix things somehow work. New ideas form. The right people walk through the door. Positive vibes fill my home. My calendar gets booked!

So, it’s really up to us to mentally, spiritually, and verbally control our environment. Even if our environment looks totally wack! My dad always says, “act as though it’s so, until it becomes so”. And I am going to add in there, “speak as though it’s so, until it becomes so”.

You have to cheer on yourself! Don’t wait for someone else to speak over your life—when you can do it!

We have to proclaim:

It's our winning season!

Everything attached to me wins!

I was singing in my living room and Pierre walks by and asks, “I’m attached to you, am I winning!” And I’m like, “yes bruh, you’re winning too!”

Now yes, the devil will come in and try to throw you off. But even in that we still must know the God we serve! He’s bigger! He’s greater! He will come through, each and every time! Because all things work together for the good of those who love Him, and are called according to His purpose.

I read something recently and it said in order to overcome negative thinking & speaking you must reframe your problems as opportunities! Is that not good or what? How can you think about your “what feels like a horrible” situation in a whole new way?

I was talking to my friend Brie the other day, and was discussing how I had learned absolutely nothing while working on this particular contract. And she stopped me and said—”well, you did learn something, you learned what not to do.”

She challenged my thinking to now say aloud, yeah I did:

  • “I learned how to be better.”

  • “I learned how to be a leader”

  • “I learned how to treat people.”

So reframing your problems as opportunities—that’s golden. So instead of complaining we have to figure out how God has set us up to overcome and then of course give him glory at the end.

So let’s shift our minds. Let’s shift our words! Cause today and all days, we are claiming it to be our season of winning! We are not defeated….we are the head not the tail, above not beneath…

So heavenly Father, we thank you for this day! We thank you for who you are! We thank you for providing, protecting and simply being the God of all things! You are amazing! Today we proclaim ourselves to be winners Lord! We pray for guidance, direction, and positive vibes God! Help us to control our thoughts and our words that come out of our mouths, Lord! We love you! We praise you! And we call this day already blessed!


Go, grow, and continue building in your purpose.

Until next time.

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