S2 E1: Permission to Pivot.

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Man oh man ya'll—the podcast is back, and you have Natarsha Wright to thank for that! I call her the podcast QUEEN and she definitely gave me that push I needed to launch Season 2 of Branded + Building....so guess who's back!!! Me!

This season is all about having some real candid conversations. And to shake it up a bit I thought it would be fun to invite some of my favorite people to the show too—family, friends, biz buddies, etc. What do you think???

So to start Season 2 off right, I thought it made sense to share on a subject that I really battled coming into 2019. I think it's a place we all experience at some point in our lives, but we're not openly sharing it...therefore we often can feel alone.

The topic is Permission to Pivot!

Whether pivoting personally and/or professionally...entering into a space of the unknown can not only be scary, but it can be draining too.

But in this episode, I share the light at the end of the tunnel when your obedience in that pivot actually starts to pay off.

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Show Highlights:

  • Give yourself permission to pivot.

  • Your pivot is aligned with God's promise.

  • Once you move your MEANS will be met.

  • God will give you permission, vision, provision and things will come into fruition.

Take Action:

Prayer to use:

Heavenly Father, I trust You personally and professionally to pivot my faith toward a better way to execute Your will.

Question to ask yourself:

What challenges do you face that require you to suddenly change your approach to growing your character and/or developing your career?

Quick About:

Jesus' Homie. Wife. Mom. and Serial Entrepreneur. I am a true Florida girl currently running a creative brand consulting agency in Atlanta, Georgia! I love to talk all things life, business and of course add God into the mix!

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