The Pursuit of Purpose

So I started an Instagram post that definitely should have been a blog post (lol). When I started writing I got into this flow, and then the characters stopped so here we are haha...and I continue (starting back from the beginning):

“Do less and I’ll do more” were words shared by Pastor Michael Todd as he went through the themes of his church’s new year sermons. And that lit my spirit on 🔥. If I can be honest, coming into 2019 I felt exhausted, ready to throw in the towel and truly I just wanted to straight chill. Being an entrepreneur for over a decade I was in this consistent rat race trying to do this, and trying to do that... and honestly it can all just hit you really hard.

It actually hit me one day as I boarded yet another plane to LA questioning my purpose. But how many know, God lines people up to be there right on time. As I sat in my hotel room looking at these large Post It notes outlining my strategy for the year, my friend Tash called. See, we were supposed to talk about some branding stuff, but the conversation never touched on that. We talked about purpose, making an impact and leaving behind legacy.

As we talked, I remembered how after hosting Designer Complex, I walked out of the room and sobbed. Like one of those deep snotty sobs, you know? I was crying because so many creatives and designers were emailing, texting and calling me raving about how my virtual workshop changed their lives and businesses. It was hard for me to process that something I do so naturally made such an impact. You see, teaching is something I love to do...not like math and reading kinda teaching (lol), but when I can help someone avoid mistakes, do things in a greater way or push them harder as they pursue their own purpose I’m living the dream.

Having reflected on that I started to write a list of all the things that made me happy. The list filled with bullets listing family, travel, softball, teaching, food (lol), events, etc. And then I paused. After having a list of over 25 things, design never hit the list. That truly baffled me. How could something I’ve done for so long not be on the list? So then I asked myself, do I love design or the impact design makes for people? And the latter rang so clear...from there I asked how can I use what I’ve learned in design, still make an impact and still be happy...and the transitioned began!

After finishing up my "happy note" in my phone, I started a Google doc outlining the things in my business I loved and the things that could kick rocks (sounds horrible, but I want to keep it real with you all). I loved meeting and connecting with new people, I loved attending events and I loved teaching! That teaching part just kept hitting home! And while design was not on the list, I was (and am still) VERY aware that design had to happen...see, I cannot teach brand strategy and the importance of design if I myself never designed. But! I knew something was up. I only wanted to design once a quarter, I was forwarding more referrals than taking on the work myself and I started to full refund projects like, "nope ain't doing this".

Ok...I know I sound insane. So just to let you know...I still love the beauty of design. The impact of design. But the physical act (eek, not so much). So! Your girl might be running an agency in these Atlanta streets one day, just not designing. You get me? Oh! And this is not to say that I am not going to beast the brands that remain on my calendar, it's just to say that your girl is transitioning.

All this said, if you got this far I challenge you to do a few things:

1. Write a list of things that make you happy.

2. Outline anything that you do simply because "people" expect you to.

3. Scratch anything that doesn't make you happy.

4. Determine ways that you can monetize your happiness.

So I'm fully shifting come March! What does that look like? Well...if you haven't guessed I will be teaching—I think the creative streets calls it "brand coaching". I will also be providing online education for budding creatives and designers to learn what it take to build a brand that works! You can see everything on the site here!

Right now you will find my:

- 7C Coaching Program (a couple of Saturdays each month)

- Brand Like a Boss ECourse (ready to go as we speak)

- Free webinar called Beast the Brand

And when I am not working I am going to be spending time with my family, traveling, trying to finally join an adult softball league, purchase a home to stop making my landlord rich, and probably take on a job that allows me to give back. Yep....sounds like a plan.

Thanks for reading!



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