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A live virtual session for
experienced service providers who are ready to master their next pivot—and leave the guilt of doing things a bit differently behind.
I'm Britney Jeanine, and I'm here to coach you through designing a pivot that's better aligned with your passion, purpose and pocket potential.
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But first let's establish some things...

+ You have this constant itch that it's time to shake things up in your business, but you're not sure how it should look.

+ You've been in the game a minute, yet for some reason you find yourself feeling like a novice at times.

+ You constantly feel like you're getting left behind in your industry and you keep asking yourself "what am I doing wrong?"

+ You know you have more to offer the world and it's time to come out swingin' like the true boss you are!

And let's keep it real—you're ready to make the money your desire and deserve!
Know this...
A pivot does not mean a quit.

It simply means you're ready to shift your business so it better serves you and your people... but get this—a pivot is different for us all... check out the pivot types below.

01 // Micro Pivot

You want to stay in the same role but pivot areas in your business.

02 // Macro Pivot

You want to stay in the same industry but pivot your role.

03 // Mega Pivot

You want to pivot your role and industry and do something brand spanking new.

Waving your hands in the air yet?

Then get ready because during our time together, I'm sharing a

4-step strategy that'll better structure the pivot you desire... I call it D.A.P.S.

Define the Pivot

Announce the Pivot

Plan the Pivot

Sell the Pivot

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I've coached hundreds of experienced entrepreneurs through owning their pivots, while guiding them through the strategies to plan their way to success.
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Just a few wins...

+ Sam & Rachel pivoted away from custom web design and recently had a $35k+ launch.

+ Tash added 6 additional figures to her already established photography income by killing the influencer scene.

+ Jennifer quit her full-time teaching job and is now on round 3 of her coaching program for tutors.

+ Sean just launched his first video/audio course and is already enrolling his dream students. 

Say deuces to your old way, and let's pivot into the new.

Join me LIVE for a virtual session teaching you the ins and outs of pivoting your way forward.


Wed. August 25th