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Pivot Your Back End



The Pivot Your Back End Guide is an intensive and comprehensive tool created to help you organize and pivot the back end of your "feel good" business—so that you can show up as the CEO you truly are.


In this guide we not only walk you through our 5S System for greater productivity and back end organization, but we give you the tools, Canva & Notion templates, how to videos, tours, and support group you need to do it. 


Let's break it down in list form:


+ Biz BTS Session Replay

+ Video Walk-Thrus & How Tos

+ 5S Breakdown for Implementation 

+ Ready-to-Use Notion Templates [by Biz Division]

+ Canva Templates for Quick Designing

+ Wix Swap & Comparison Table

+ Directory of Our "Go To" People

+ Our Entire Tech Stack