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Pivot + Push: The Workshop

An in-person 2-day workshop for experienced
service providers who are ready to plan their way forward so they can achieve
pivotal success.

Pull up a chair...
There's a seat waiting just for you.

If there's one thing I've learned over these past 13+ years in business, it's that you cannot escape having a plan if you want to reach your fullest potential.

I've done it. Moved with my gut because it was the only compass I had for determining my next step(s). But then one December I found myself in a Los Angeles hotel nearly in tears because I was frustrated with not knowing.

Not knowing my business.

Not knowing the people I was purposed to serve.

Not knowing how to move with greater clarity.

But then I realized I was better than that... and I could either throw myself a pity party, or get my butt up and to work... and I want that for you too!

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Why be mediocre,
when you can be great.
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The Workshop Deets
You know... so you can plan [pun intended].

October Dates Dropping Soon!

Location: Atlanta, Georgia*

PTP is not for you if...
PTP is for you if...

 You're not sure if you really want to pivot.

 You have a product-based business.

 You've been in biz less than 3 years.

❌ You're not ready to hit that 6-figure mark.

 You're ok with being stuck at the desk.

 You don't care to make more money.

 You want to keep all your dusty biz notes.

 You want to stay the same.

✓ You're certain a pivot is calling your name.

✓ You're running a service-based business.

✓ You've been in business 3+ years.

✓ You're ready to hit that 6-figure mark.

✓ You're ready to live life beyond the desk.

✓ You want to increase your revenue.

✓ You want to build a cohesive plan.

✓ You want to do biz better.

This is not for you if...
This is for you if...
The Investment
The Inclusions
You know... the good stuff.

+ 2-Day Workshop (General)
 3-Day Workshop (VIP Only)
Pivot Curriculum
+ Intake Questionnaire
+ Event Workbook + Planning Templates

+ Refreshments & Catered Lunches
VIP Luncheon (VIP Only)
+ Intimate Community Environment 
+ Guest Speaker Sessions
Live Q&A Session
+ Panel Discussion

+ Goodies, Goodies, and More Goodies

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I've got answers...

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pivot + Push: The Workshop for?

Pivot + Push: The Workshop is for service providers who are ready to pivot their business by developing a strategic cohesive plan.

What are the qualifications for the workshop?

You must be a service provider who has been in business at least 3+ years, and you're ready to hit that 6-fgiure mark.

How long is the workshop?

We will meet in-person for 2 days.

How do I know this will work for me?

I get it... there are so many programs on the market, and picking one that meets you where you are can be tough. Here, we make sure all our students feel seen, and truly focus on you achieving the results needed to build a purposeful pivot.

What is the workshop invesment

You can pay in full... or pay in parts! Your choice... but the invesment is $2500.

How is this different from other programs you have to offer?

P+P serves as a one-day accelerator where you come and knock it out in one day. Other programs I have to offer include more ongoing support if that's what you are in search of.

I'm Britney Jeanine.
Your Business Coach + Pivot Strategist.

And I've pivoted a time (or 5) myself. But get this... it wasn't until I put a "Pivot Plan" in place that I was able to confidently achieve 6-figures in my business, and begin the process of financially projecting to hit 7-figures.

See, I've been the wedding planner turned photographer turned web & graphic designer—until one day I hit a brick wall... a wall so solid that it knocked me off my feet, and had me questioning what I truly wanted out of business & life.

And honestly, I was about to quit business altogether.

But then I decided to blow the dust off of my business degrees, tap into my experience & expertise, and plan my way to excellence... a process I now teach in 8 [practical and simplified] steps.


Since working with Britney, I stepped out, established my voice independently from my main photography hustle with my spouse, and went from $0 personal income to $35k as an influencer.

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Ready to drink the juice?

I cannot wait to host you!
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