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I'm Britney Jeanine.

A wife of 11+ years, a mom of 2, and a true Florida girl that calls Atlanta home. Additionally, I'm obsessed with hosting get-togethers, I love to eat out and I dread working out. In my free time you can catch me skipping laundry day, doing TikTok dances with my 8-year-old and traveling with the hubs to reboot and refresh. Catch more details about me below.

From my heart to your ears.
Because I believe in keeping it real.

How many of us thought success was being perfect? 

​Who believed that being the straight-A student, who won all the awards in school and extracurricular activities would lead to a life full of happiness? 

​If I can be honest, I built my life around those beliefs.

​I even earned my Masters in Public Relations & Corporate Communications from Georgetown University and walked the halls of the Pentagon and the White House. 

​But after 7 years in Corporate America, I had enough and I made a choice. The choice to build my life around what I wanted, and not what others wanted for me. 

And yes, while I embraced that mentality leaving Corporate to pursue entrepreneurship, I decided that even in my own business it’ll always be what I want.

Yes, I’ve explored a multitude of industries.

Yes, I’m multi-passionate.

And yes, I have shiny object syndrome.

But to be perfectly honest, all those things led me to run the 6-figure business I run today. And once I understood the importance of having a plan, I learned what it took to pivot in total confidence without compromising my coins and credibility. 

I’m not the coach that is going to tell you to stick out the business that no longer serves you… And I don’t care how long or little you’ve been doing that thing.

But as long as you have a plan, it’s all Gucci and gravy.

If you’re here, I know you want to live your life for you and on your own terms, and you want to run a business that serves you.

That’s why I’m giving you all the tools and resources you need to break free from what others want for you, and letting you know you can explore that gut feeling that’s telling you it’s time to pivot… and it’s time for something new.

Fun Facts...
Just a little bit more about me.


"You are the juice! It's time to serve it up organic and fresh squeezed." - Me


Things I Love:

God + My Family

Currently Watching:



Folks are always surprised when meeting me in person, but I'm not far from the ground (lol). I'm a whopping 5'2''.

Fave Color:

Black, Black, and Black.

Fave Clothing Brand:


Fave Food:

All of them (lol)... but I love Spanish Tapas!

Fave Hobby:

Party Hosting

Am I your type of girl?
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