I'm Britney Jeanine.

Master Pivoter with no shame about it.

When I tell you I used to be so embarrassed about all the things I've done in this entrepreneurial journey of mine, your girl was so embarrassed... but then I grew business balls, and challenged why I was feeling "less than" for doing "more than". It took awhile—but when I realized that I have one life to live... the game changed! So no matter what I want to try, do, or be I have the authority to do it fully, and unapologetically. 

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You are the boss. And you get to choose how you show up in this space.



Life is for progression not perfection.

How many of us thought success was being perfect? 

​Who believed that being the straight-A student, who won all the awards in school and extracurricular activities would lead to a life full of happiness? 

​If I can be honest, I built my life around those beliefs.

​I even earned my Masters in Public Relations & Corporate Communications from Georgetown University and walked the halls of the Pentagon and the White House. 

​But after 7 years in Corporate America, I had enough and I made a choice. The choice to build my life around what I wanted, and not what others wanted for me. 

And yes, while I embraced that mentality leaving Corporate to pursue entrepreneurship, I decided that even in my own business it’ll always be what I want.

Yes, I’ve explored a multitude of industries.

Yes, I’m multi-passionate.

And yes, I have shiny object syndrome.

But to be perfectly honest, all those things led me to run the 6-figure business I run today. And once I understood the importance of having a plan, I learned what it took to pivot in total confidence without compromising my coins and credibility. 

I’m not the coach that is going to tell you to stick out the business that no longer serves you… And I don’t care how long or little you’ve been doing that thing.

But as long as you have a plan, it’s all Gucci and gravy.

If you’re here, I know you want to live your life for you and on your own terms, and you want to run a business that serves you.

That’s why I’m giving you all the tools and resources you need to break free from what others want for you, and letting you know you can explore that gut feeling that’s telling you it’s time to pivot… and it’s time for something new.

The many pivots of Britney Jeanine

Fam, the journey has been real. But here's what I learned... every pivot was totally necessary for me to be the well-rounded coach I am today. I can teach it all, because frankly... I've done it all.


The Government Girl

After graduating from Florida State in 2007, I moved to Washington, D.C. to attend Georgetown for my Masters. While there, I worked in finance, marketing, & communications at the Pentagon and supported several White House and government initiatives.



Becoming wife to my high school sweetheart, Pierre, 12 years ago, & becoming mama to Taylor (9) and Aubrey (1) .

Am I your type of girl?

Then let's get his work! There are 3 routes to choose from:

02. Plan In Community.

There is nothing like building amongst like-minded Pivot Pushers who are ready to pivot into greatness! This is my 6-month group coaching experience
Plan the Pivot [Hybrid].

01. Plan On Your Own.

Just because you're not ready to onboard into my other coaching experiences, does not mean you cannot still get this work! That's why I've bundled two of my most popular planning templates: the Pivot Plan & the Revenue Roadmap.

03. Plan One-on-One.

Unlike typical VIP experiences this goes beyond just ONE day! With my one-on-one coaching experience (aka The Aftermath) I'm on your team for 90 days. It's also the only option where I write the plan FOR YOU and push you for a quarter to execute and get the job done!


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